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Saturday 14 December

14.12 // Myke Towers //Twerk on - reggaeton concert

Sabato 14 dicembre Myke Towers in live // Reggaeton festival "si se da" / "dollar" / "la playa" In collaborazione con TWERK ON : Eddie Queen + KD

Tickets 25 CHF con consumazione
Info tavoli 076.321.69.69

- Red Sky // Techno room
Salvaje - guest Antonio Pica + Gianni Villa

- Beat Box / Trap & Hip Hop Room
El Nene + Mastil + Double W

Myke Towers
Michael Torres (born January 15, 1994), is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer and composer known professionally as Myke Towers.[1]

His album El Final del Principio (2016) peaked at 12 on Latin Rhythm Albums.[2] Towers collaborated with Bad Bunny with the song "Estamos Arriba" released in June 2019.[3][4] On July 5, 2019, Piso 21 released the single "Una Vida Para Recordar" featuring Towers.[5] He collaborated with Becky G with the song "Dollar;" a music video was released July 12, 2019.

Vanilla club, via Cantonale, Riazzino (CH)

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